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Part of The Agency King City, Dave Valencia is known for his wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and no-nonsense approach to buying, selling, and investing in property throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Innisfil.

Whether guiding up-sizing families into their dream homes, helping downsizers transition smoothly, or unlocking the profit potential of renovations and investments, Dave operates with a staunch commitment to his client's success.

A well-respected real estate professional, Dave has earned several notable accolades, including the International President's Circle TEAM award. Beyond his shining accomplishments, Dave finds true purpose in achieving his client’s unique real estate goals. He meticulously scours the market to unearth hidden gems with an eye for investment potential and livability.

Dave’s expertise extends beyond market knowledge. Years of personal moves, coupled with his prior construction background, have honed his ability to assess properties with a discerning eye. This unique perspective, combined with his quick responsiveness and intimate understanding of the region’s diverse neighbourhoods, equips Dave to navigate even the most intricate transactions seamlessly.

Dave believes in the power of property to build generational wealth and is passionate about helping his clients expand their real estate portfolios and embrace their next chapter of life.

When not aiding his clients, Dave can be found spending time with his wife (and fellow member of The Agency King City), Samantha, and being the most amazing dad ever to their daughters.

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Introducing David, a devoted father of two beautiful daughters, Mila and Penny. In his world, family comes first, and he cherishes every moment of family time. With a passion for the great outdoors, David finds joy in various activities, from sports like boating, squash, and soccer to more adventurous pursuits like snowboarding, wake surfing, and off-roading. A lover of nature, he thrives when working outside and camping under the open sky. David's connection with animals is a legacy passed on to his kids, and he enjoys the simple pleasure of going to the movies. As a dedicated husband, David's genuine, humble energy makes everyone around him feel at ease. Known for his hardworking nature, he brings a unique blend of authenticity and warmth, making him an incredible friend. 

"For me, the absolute highlight in real estate is the buying process. I genuinely love delving into the search, finding that perfect property that aligns with my clients' dreams. Showing houses is where the excitement kicks in – there's something magical about helping people envision their future homes. But the real adrenaline rush? Negotiating the best deals. It's not just a transaction; it's about getting the utmost value for my clients. Being a people person, connecting with individuals, and ensuring they walk away with smiles – that's what makes this journey truly rewarding for me."


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