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A natural people person, gifted entrepreneur, and award-winning real estate agent, Samantha Valencia specializes in empowering up-sizing families to unlock the wealth-building potential of Simcoe County's dynamic real estate market.

With a keen eye for opportunity, Samantha's passion for property runs deep. From flipping homes with her husband Dave (a fellow member of The Agency King City) to her decade-long career as a photographer, Samantha’s unique perspective blends market know-how with the creative flair to stage incredible homes. This distinct combination has fueled her success, earning her accolades like the International President's Circle TEAM and Rookie of the Year awards.

Samantha’s competitive spirit ensures she champions her clients' needs at every stage of a transaction. Her sharp negotiation skills and exceptional marketing expertise work in tandem to secure their dream properties. Whether navigating the Innisfil development scene or closing on lakefront havens, Samantha's dedication to her client’s success remains unwavering.

When she isn’t working, Samantha can be found with daughters Mila and Penelope, and their dog Rico.

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A proud mother of two beautiful daughters who bring boundless joy and adventure into my life. A firm believer in true love and love at first sight, I approach both my personal and professional life with a whole-hearted commitment.
My journey into real estate follows a diverse path—I owned two fitness gyms at the age of 19 and ran a successful photography business for six years, where I was a published wedding photographer. I thrive under immense pressure, having learned the ropes of hard work and dedication through these ventures.


For me, real estate isn't just a profession; it's a passion. My favorite aspect is working with listings, delving into the art of marketing, and presenting homes that tell a compelling story through media. From my early years, my dad could attest that I loved to argue, often joking that I should have become a lawyer. This spirited nature makes negotiating a thrill, and I bring that energy to every deal. I firmly believe in manifesting goals and working tirelessly with no excuses. Let's embark on this real estate journey together and turn your dreams into reality!

Embark on an inspirational journey with Samantha Valencia in our latest podcast episode as she shares how real estate became her lifeline. A luminary in the realm of real estate, Samantha embodies the spirit of a modern-day "boss babe" within the dynamic sphere of girl bosses. From redefining partnership dynamics with her husband and business partner, David, to mastering diverse ventures, Samantha's entrepreneurial spirit shines. Today, standing at the pinnacle of the real estate domain, she translates her multifaceted skills into unparalleled client experiences. Join us for this empowering conversation with Samantha Valencia, a true embodiment of empowerment and ambition.
Listen to the episode below

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