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About Us

This journey started over a decade ago as high school sweethearts.. Like most 20-year-olds, we were just starting our lives. We didn’t know exactly where we wanted to go Or what was in store for us. All we knew is that no matter where life took us, we were going to build a beautiful life brick by brick. Together.

Fast forward 8 years. We’d finished college, were engaged, and were planning a wedding. We had a mountain of debt (car loans, college debt) to add to the stress. Not sure what direction to go, rent? buy? Stay at home with mom and dad and save money? We figured out early on that leaving the nest was the main priority for us to grow our family and build our wealth.

We were 22 and 23 years old. Minimal savings were 5% in our pocket. We talked with several banks and brokers. Many of them declined our applications. We pushed until we were able to lock down a mortgage approval with a B lender.

As soon as this was in motion, we began to shop. We started right in the GTA because it was closer to work. We realized that this wouldn’t allow us to have the life that we wanted. Little houses, big mortgages. We then switched our search to Samantha's hometown of Beeton in Simcoe county.

We made our first purchase. With all of the nerves and excitement and self-doubt. We scraped together our downpayment and took the plunge. We were HOME.

Fast forward 2 years. Our family was growing by two feet. We were expecting our first daughter and were so excited. We were also still carrying our heavy debt and mortgage payments though. the weight felt heavier with a baby on the way. In a few months, we were going to be parents, living on one income.

We needed to make a change. This was our first experience with upsizing. We sold our house and paid off all of our debts including our cars. We purchased a bigger and nicer home while reducing our mortgage by 50k. At this point, we!
Flipping real estate became the main course of action.


You wont relate to us unless you understand us. 

At this point, our path became very clear, the direction that we needed to go in. We repeated this process 10 times in 9 years. Learning tips and tricks each time, making each one easier than the last.

Over the 10 years. We realized the fastest way to pay off our mortgage and be free, was not going to be our day jobs!

We refused to miss out on prime real estate opportunities, We did not waste any time.


We created opportunities, in

each market. Took action to climb closer to our goals.

It became easy, exhilarating and so fulfilling.

We went from getting approved to buying multiple properties at one time in only 4 years.


We were in love with real estate, and what it did for us and our family. We became role models to our friends and family.


Always giving advice. Our original goals became our passion. That passion became our mission.


The Valencia team was born.

If two young 20-something-year-olds could go from minus 50 thousand to over a million in equity in 10 years..

So can you! We’re passionate about helping other families do the same thing. The only person stopping you is you!


All you need is the right team and guidance.

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